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Announce: Data::Session - the complete rewrite of CGI::Session

Hi Folks

I've uploaded Data::Session V 1.00 to CPAN. See:

Please test it, especially the components I haven't:
o Oracle
o Passing the expiry time via Cache::Memcached to memcached

There is a section in the docs about Test Code.

Email me if you wish. My email address is at the bottom of:
Home page

The Great Re-write of 2010: CGI::Session/Test::Database/DBIx::NamedDSN

Hi Folks

I have just finished a re-write of CGI::Session, called Data::Session, and started wondering how best to test it.

I've always disliked setting all the env vars to make its tests work for MySQL, PG, etc, so I hit CPAN looking for A Better Way.

I found Test::Database, which seemed to be a good idea. But examining the code was discouraging, so I decided to re-write that too.

I soon realized that one thing (among many - see below) which bugged me about Test::Database was its handing of DSNs.

So I decided to split that out into a separate distro, us…

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