The osCommerce shopping cart morphs into Perl

Hi Folks

I'm beginning to transform a major part (but not all) of the osCommerce shopping cart into Perl. See osCommerce for details.

If you've already done so, and your code is open source, let us all know. Otherwise, I'll just keep grinding away, given that I've got the time and incentive to do so.

The namespace I intend to release it under is Business::Cart::Generic, and I'll be releasing another, restricted, version as Business::Cart::EdgarsMission.

The latter is an animal rescue group here in Victoria (Australia), who I've volunteered to help with their problem of charging people more-or-less accurate postage when they buy merchandise from Edgar's Merchandise.

The problem comes from being able to stuff 2 T-shirts, say, into 1 parcel, and thus not being able to justify postage on 2 separate T-shirts.

Basically, I'll keep track of purchases and with the aid of a special table of information (i.e. rules of thumb) from the chief packer of merchandise, I'll determine which sized package can be used for all the common combinations of merchandise.

Naturally this system will not be exact, but they are prepared for that.

I volunteered thru Good Company.

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