A note re Set::FA

Hi Folks

OK. I've released Set::FA V 1.00 to CPAN. The code passes the same tests as the previous version, V 0.101.

The docs have been re-written from scratch, for both Set::FA and Set::FA::Element.

There have been many changes due to the fact the code no longer does direct access to an internal hash, but uses getters and setters. I have not changed any of Mark Rogaski's code which implements the logic of the modules, I've only made it work in a new OO environment.

Also, I've dropped support for Log::Agent, and provided a parameter to new() called logger, so you can supply any type of logger, and have the code call
$logger -> log($level => $message)
at various points. All this is documented extensively.

Another new parameter to new() is die_on_loop, so otherwise run-away programs can be self-limiting.

OK - time to put it to work...

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