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Demos: GraphViz V 1.06 and Graph::Easy::Marpa V 0.90

Hi Folks

Check out the demos for GraphViz2 V 1.06 and Graph::Easy::Marpa V 0.90.

GraphViz2 V 1.05 does Marpa grammars and Set::FA::Element STT's

Hi Folks

Yep, both Marpa-style grammars and Set::FA::Element-style state transition tables can now be graphed.

As always, the demo page is the place to start.

After that, hit CPAN.

The Fight to Download Perl :-(

Hi Folks

Enter complaint mode...

If I go to The Perl Foundation and search that page (I'm using Chrome) for the word download, there is 1 instance, and no, it's not a link. WTF?

If on that page I click on 'Perl 5 wiki' it takes me to The Perl 5 Wiki, and on that page a search for download finds 0 instances. WTF?

If I go to The Perl Programming Language
it says the latest version is 5.14.0. WTF?

And no, I don't n…

GraphViz2 V 1.01 uses Algorithm::Dependency in order to...

... in order to let you pass in an Algorithm::Dependency object directly to GraphViz2's dependency(data => $object) method.

A new demo - dependency.pl - shows how, using a hand-build class hierarchy corresponding the code in t/lib/*.

Also, a new class, GraphViz2::Parse::ISA can be given a class name as in create(class => 'Parent::Child::Grandchild', ignore => []).

A new demo - parse.isa.pl - shows how, using the real class hierarchy in t/lib/*.

The demo page has been updated.

GraphViz2 is out - Supporting all options of Graphviz 2.23.6+!

Hi Folks

Yes, it's true, GraphViz2 1.00 has been uploaded to CPAN.

I finally agreed not to call it GraphViz, so all your old, now obsolete, code will continue to run.

You can bookmark the demo page.


GraphViz V 3 is under development!

Hi Folks

Leon Brocard has kindly given me co-maint of GraphViz.

The aim will be to provide essentially the same features, but to support all the latest graphviz attributes.

The distro will contain some graphviz manual pages, with the scripts which downloaded them, and the output of those scripts. They use HTML::Treebuilder's amazing look_down() method to extract lists of valid attributes in various contexts. So, the attributes themselves are stored in data/*.dat within the distro.

That means they can be used to validate user options, because the code loads thes…

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