The Fight to Download Perl :-(

Hi Folks

Enter complaint mode...

If I go to The Perl Foundation and search that page (I'm using Chrome) for the word download, there is 1 instance, and no, it's not a link. WTF?

If on that page I click on 'Perl 5 wiki' it takes me to The Perl 5 Wiki, and on that page a search for download finds 0 instances. WTF?

If I go to The Perl Programming Language
it says the latest version is 5.14.0. WTF?

And no, I don't need to be told it's available on CPAN.

Beginners need to be told it's available, from everywhere vaguely appropriate.

Here endith the complaints.

Despite all that, I continue to find it an astonishingly productive language.


While I see your point about TPF and the wiki pages, the very first thing you see on is a big "DOWNLOAD PERL" link. What's wrong with that?

I'm trying to make it easier to do just this.

This will be linked to from (which I'm working on), and possibly

I'd really like a lot more testing and feedback from anyone (as issus on github if possible please) would be really appreciated.

I have made the word "download" a link on the TPF homepage, made Perl 5 a link to the download page, and also added a new menu item for "Download Perl". I know that we could do more than this, so I'll pass this to our marketing committee. Thanks for pointing this out.

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