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Notes on Morphing Graph::Easy into Graph::Easy::Marpa

Hi Folks

I've written an article on the considerations accounted for in the process of re-writing a module, here Graph::Easy being recast as Graph::Easy::Marpa.

It's a separate docuemnt (the output of pod2html) so I could preserve the formatting to my satisfaction.

What's up with the CPAN daily email?

Hi Folks

At the email thread you can see there have been no modules reported as released this month.

Anyone know what's happening? The precise reason doesn't worry me - it's just that I'm confused....


Graph::Easy::Marpa V 1.00 - Production ready

Hi Folks

I've just uploaded Graph::Easy::Marpa V 1.00 to CPAN.

The state transition table defining what dialect of Graph::Easy (manual) is supported can be seen here.

The demo files, all shipped with the distro, can be seen here.

Module::Metadata::CoreList - An aid for module authors

Hi Folks

Module::Metadata::CoreList compares module pre-req version #s in your Build.PL or Makefile.PL with the versions of those modules in Module::CoreList, for a given version of Perl.

This can help you specify the minimum version # for the pre-req.

Copyright 'v' Creativity

This article is about the tension between writing code and owning code.

We all know about working for some organization (hereafter 'org'), which
ends up owning our code. I think the tension arises because we pour some
of our heart into each program, especially those we feel are well-written.

But we're uneasy with the fact that the resultant code isn't ours.

So, how do we reconcile this tension?

I thought about this for years, until one day I had an insight which I
feel resolved this issue for me.

The first step is to take your focus of…

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