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Q: Local audio cd db - Too many modules

Hi Folks

What do people think about modules to build a local music db?

I'd prefer a well-maintained module. This is for Debian.


Opa: The language with a db, web server etc built in

Hi Folks

Looks amazing.

"Opa is a programming language and a standard library comprising a database management system, a web server, a server-side framework, a client-side framework, a distribution middleware, a security audit tool, but without the complexity of deployment, administration, or impedance mismatch stemming from the use of many different technologies."

Home page.

Is anybody using this, or has seen it used in a project? I'd love to get some feedback.

Various utilities

Hi Folks

Over the years I've collected various lists of utilities which, for some reason, caught my eye. And now, having plenty of time (note: jealousy is a curse) I've simplified my collection of lists and browser bookmarks...

o aescrypt:
- Encrypt
- http://www.aescrypt.com/

o atop:
- Monitor processes

o Basecamp etc:
- Collaborate remotely
- http://37signals.com/
- Basecamp, Backpack, Campfire, Highrise

o Compression comparison:
- http://www.maximumcompression.com/index.html
- Huge list of compression pr…

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