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Calling all Karen Pauleys...

Hi Karen

You sure make it hard to submit articles for publication on perl.com:

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An article on Marpa.eml

Parsing Graphviz's dot files with Perl and Marpa

Hi Folks

A few days ago I blogged about a module under development, GraphViz2::Marpa.

Although it's not ready for uploading to CPAN, I have generated a demo page.

Working on GraphViz2::Marpa

Hi Folks

I've started work on GraphViz2::Marpa, which will use Marpa::XS to parse GraphViz-style 'dot' files.

This is mainly to exercise my Marpa skills. However, I'm hopeful the result might/will lead to an on-line editor for dot files, with 2 panels, a dot editor in one and a result of the server rendering the output from dot (or whatever) in the other, all in Perl. We'll see.

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