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My personalized Perl bumper sticker

Hi Folks

Yep - See it in all it's glory:

A Perl-powered Toyota hybrid.

Actually, up close, with the sun reflecting on all the little rainbow coloured dot means this pix doesn't do it justice.

And yes, I should have caps on the 'open source' part...

Sigh... Next time. These last about a year exposed to the weather.

PS: Luckily for me a Toyota Prius has an almost-vertical window at the back.

Announce: CGI::Snapp::Dispatch with PSGI support

I've uploaded to CPAN:

o CGI::Snapp::Dispatch V 1.00.

This distro includes CGI::Snapp::Dispatch::Regexp.

Both modules support usage in a PSGI environment.

This module is a partner for CGI::Snapp, and together they are almost drop-in replacements for CGI::Application, CGI::Application::Dispatch, CGI::Application::Dispatch::Regexp and CGI::Application::Dispatch::PSGI.

The default for logging is to not create a logger, as per CGI::Snapp V 1.01 below.

There are 63 tests.

PSGI is s…

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