Benchmark::Featureset::SetOps - Compare various array/set handling modules

Hi Folks

I've just uploaded to CPAN V 1.00 of Benchmark::Featureset::SetOps.

Here's the rationale (from the FAQ):
I maintain (but did not write) Set::Array. I have never really liked its interface, so when I started a home-grown script that Kim Ryan (author of Locale::SubCountry) and I use to compare his module with my WWW::Scraper::Wikipedia::ISO3166, I wondered if there was some module more to my liking. Hence the search for alternatives. Then I realized my work could benefit the Perl community if I formalized the results of this search.

Also, I have 7 modules on CPAN which use Set::Array, so I wanted a good idea of the array/set modules before I decided to switch.

But, more importantly, to protect your delicate sensibilites from the code, you can just view the HTML report here.

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