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Maintenance of Tree::DAG_Node


A couple of weeks ago I emailed the author of Tree::DAG_Node,
offering to take over maintenance, to help stop the bitrot.

I've had no response, so if anyone can contact David Hand,
or Sean M. Burke, please do so, so we can discuss this.

Alternately, in a few days I'll get the CPAN maintainers to let
me have co-maint.


Recent patches to GraphViz and GraphViz2

Hi Folks

GraphViz V 2.11 adds support for vdx (Visio) output, provided you've patched the underlying Graphviz code first. The patch is presumably downloadable from the Graphviz site. I run Debian so I did not test it, but the user who requested this patch assures me it works perfectly.

GraphViz2 V 2.04 requires Perl V 5.14.2 for utf8 support. Also, the code handling subgraphs was incomplete, and a small but significant set of patches there should now support all expectations for subgraphs.

Sample output ="…

Some interesting modules xreffed by their subject matter

Hi Folks

Sometimes when scanning the feed of module releases from MetaCPAN, I see a module which I don't have a use for, but which I think I'd better make a note of.

I keep these notes in a TiddlyWiki, and I've just extracted them as a new page
here .

OK. Nothing amazing, but it amuses me....

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