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Calling David Hand, author of Tree::DAG_Node


Neither I nor Sean Burke can get a response from David, bit if anyone knows him, please let him know I'd like to take co-maint of Tree::DAG_Node in order to fix bugs.

So, I'll ask the CPAN admins on Friday to do that if I don't hear from him beforehand.

If he doesn't want me to be co-maint, I'll fork the code...

Graphviz and fixed length paths


If you're using AT&T's Graphviz and you're interested in finding fixed length paths thru your graphs, there's a new module to help.

You'll need Marpa, and GraphViz2, and GraphViz2::Marpa. These will be installed as pre-reqs.

Then all you need is GraphViz2::Marpa::PathUtils, after it hits CPAN.

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