GraphViz2 and the dread MusicBrainz db

Hi All

OK. After a bit of pain I've set up an empty database for the
MusicBrainz database.

In particular, where they say 'sudo cpan Carton' you probably want 'cpanm Carton'.

This exercise was because, astonishingly, one of the users of my module GraphViz2 had doubts about it handling 149 tables spread over 4 schema.

The version of shipped with GraphViz2 V 2.07 needed a patch to handle multiple schema, but after fixing that, you can view the SVG in all its ghastly glory.

Firstly, set up you env vars thusly:
env | grep DBI

Then the command is: svg musicbrainz.svg > musicbrainz.log

Further, you can download this set of files:
o musicbrainz.svg (size: 257,156 bytes)
o musicbrainz.log (output of, containing the DOT file)
o (patched)
o tables.log (the list of 149 tables as output by Pg's psql)

I'll release a new GraphViz2 shortly.

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