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Perl && jQuery && XML && ! taconite

Hi All

If you're in a hurry, jump to my latest (6th) Perl + jQuery tutorial.

In short: I don't use the clever jQuery add-on taconite because it supports only commands (verbs) and I needed conditional execution (an 'if').

Nevertheless, I pinched-er-adapted the idea to unilaterally update some parts of the DOM, and to conditionally update other parts.

Happy reading...

Visualising SQL joins

Hi All

Here's an image displaying various options re SQL joins.

Wish I'd see this years, nay, decades, ago.

5 jQuery tutorials for budding Perlmeisters

Click keep reading to, errr, keep reading.

This is because I put the text of the entry in MT's 'Extended', and now I've just added this stuff to 'Body'.

Also, the 5th tut is on Autocomplete.

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