The GraphViz2 Chronicles - Issue 2.10

I'm just uploaded GraphViz2 V 2.10 to CPAN, and I'd like to mention a few things, although some other things have been cleaned up as well.

The main purpose of this release is to fix handling of labels and ports.

As before, a node's label can be specified as a string or as an arrayref of strings.

Now, an arrayref of hashrefs can be used as well, where each hashref has keys 'text' and (optionally) 'port'.

Both the arrayrefs specify a node of type record, and each element specifies a field within that record.

The first choice (a string) and the third choice (an arrayref of hashrefs) allow you to specify ports within the text, whereas the second choice (an arrayref of strings) triggers auto-creation of ports.

All this is explained in the docs, under the FAQ topic How labels interact with ports.

Further, under the docs for the add_node() method, more information is available.

New sample code, scripts/record.*.pl, ships with V 2.10.

You can see the effects on the demo page. Just search for, say,

And, yes, the title of this post is a nod to The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. And why should it not do so :-)?

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