Anyone using HTML::WikiConverter? If not, what else?

David Iberri has kindly let me take co-maint of HTML::WikiConverter.

I haven't actually started work (I'm not completely stupid!), but I'd like to know if there is any interest in these modules being given some TLC. In this case I think a re-write is appropriate.

I did not trace the pre-reqs, but since I would be using Marpa::R2::HTML to rectify the HTML tags before starting the conversion proper, a C compiler will be needed. A pure Perl solution is out of the question.

For supported dialects I have not decided exactly how to code that, but I have an idea to - perhaps - use a Marpa grammar - an SLIF-DSL (Scanless DSL) in Marpa terminology - to unify them.

So, I'd like to hear from interested parties, both for perceived need, and perhaps for testing.

Also, if anyone's using an alternative, please mention that too in the comments.

Lastly I selected this from Neil's list of modules-needing-care.

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