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Netting apples against possums

I officially join Fruit Protectors R Us:

The pix of the tricks.

A book on Debian admin

Recently, Packt published a book called Debian 7: System Administration Best Practices.

Some time before they had emailed me asking if I would be a reviewer. I know some readers have in the past been disappointed with Packt's books, and thought that since I had time I might be able to contribute enough suggestions to help make the book better. I explained that I am a Perl programmer, not a Debian administrator, and on that understanding we agreed.

I was not told the name of the author, and…

Graphviz V 2.34, GraphViz2 V 2.23 and output formats

A discrepancy has arisen between the list of output formats supported by Graphviz, and the list supported by my module GraphViz2.

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