Graphviz V 2.34, GraphViz2 V 2.23 and output formats

A discrepancy has arisen between the list of output formats supported by Graphviz, and the list supported by my module GraphViz2.

The problem is that I download documentation pages from and extract lists for:

  • arrow shapes
  • attributes
  • node shapes
  • output formats

But sometimes I forget to run scripts/extract.*.pl before releasing another version, and sometimes the online docs are not up to date.

Further, end users of Graphviz can have locally installed plugins.

So today I’m re-working the code which generates a list of output formats, by running:

dot -T?

and parsing its output.

Lastly I should comment on all the CPAN tester results which are fails. The ones I checked (not every one :-) are all due to graphviz not being installed, so I’m not worried.

But if in your $work environment someone is worried, just explain what the problem is…

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