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Another way to rank languages

I didn't see this posted recently, and searches here for redmonk and ranking returned nothing, so... I give you - Language Popularity:

GitHub (x-axis) 'v' StackOverFlow (y-axis).

From this article.

And Tim Bray on why a whole heap of things are in a bad way.

Dispute resolution failure in (financial) electronic systems

The original article

The paper referred to by that article

The Drone Papers

I've uploaded to my web site chapters 1 .. 5 of:

The Drone Papers

Chapter 1: Drone + Virus = Shock + Awe
Chapter 2: Using Drones to Hijack Government Policy
Chapter 3: Using Drones for Arson, Sabotage and Quarantine-busting
Chapter 4: A Child is Frightened of Drones
Chapter 5: The Drone Papers FAQ

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