The newly-released Regexp::Assemble V 0.36

I'm now co-maint of Regexp::Assemble. V 0.36 has been uploaded to CPAN.

Changes for V 0.36:

0.36 2015-08-16T11:34:00
- Ron Savage is now co-maint.
- Move eg/ to examples/.
- Many thanx to the various parties who logged issues on RT. Some have been fixed, see below.
- Add examples/, downloaded, and noted in docs, from
- Move pod tests into xt/author/pod.t by cutting them out of t/00_basic.t.
- Add repository
Note: github does not list Perl as one of the licence options, so the auto-generated
LICENSE (sic) file is not included in the distro.
- Fix some spelling errors in the pod.
- Move ./ into lib/Regexp/.
- Move the contents of the TODO file into the docs, and delete that file.
- Rearrange pod, but not be running this module over it :-). Actually, put pod at end of file.
- Update Makefile.PL.
- Add Changelog.ini.


If you can get DLAND to give you an archive of his repository, I'm volunteering to produce a Git repository with the whole module history.

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