Article: Installation of Image::Magick under Debian

This is a recent update of an ancient article.


It would be nice if you would mention why it's even necessary to do all this instead of just aptitude install ImageMagic and then cpanm Image::Magick. The cpan test page for Image::Magick (PerlMagick) is full of install failures and unknowns and no passes. Is it possible to fix the cpan module without every user needing to work around it?

or, use Alien::ImageMagick, which does all this for you.

The way I see it is, Image::Magick is for the distro maintainers, and Alien::ImageMagick is for those of use who don't want the distro perl

Alien::ImageMagick still requires it's own copy of ImageMagick to be compiled, and worse yet, it might require a separate build of perl. It's pod also only mentions that version of Image::Magick on cpan isn't "cpanm compatible".

If somebody from the perl community took over maintenance of Image::Magick, could it be made "cpanm compatible" and use the system ImageMagick libs?

You can also install libimage-magick-perl version with apt.

A more recent version ( is available in experimental, so it should land in unstable sooner or later.

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