DBIx::DataModel - Elegant Database Interaction with Perl

DBIx::DataModel (DBIDM) is an Object Relational Mapper for Perl that is very elegant, simple and effective. It helps you to efficiently interact with your database.

This article discusses three of the great features of DBIDM and how I find they help me to develop software more efficiently. The three features discussed are:

  • results are hashes - so it is very easy to manipulate and debug query results,

  • schema generation is fast, clean and effective - so we very quickly get a useful map within Perl of just the most important aspects of our database, and

  • the API allows inserts, updates and selects to be defined extremely efficiently - keeping the easy things easy

The article also provides a very brief introduction to DBIDM and some notes on getting started with it. There is also a rough example demonstrating how I combine DBIDM with Perl Dancer.

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