QueryHunt my little experiment

For over a month I have been working on a little project called QueryHunt.
it is a questions and answers search engine powered by yahoo BOSS.

Why did I decide to use Perl for this project?

When I started working on this project I had just started to learn Perl, I was planning to write the site in PHP.
Perl had a lot of promising features that would make the development process easier in the long run
some of this features are

  • Easy XML parsing
  • Regex support (Vital to discard results that were neither a question or an answer.)
  • DBI (in case I decided to give PostgreSQL a try compatibility issues wouldn't be an obstacle)

so for obvious reasons I ended up using Perl, The site has now been running for about 2 months and I'm more than happy with it.

I'm not on vacations anymore so I don't get to work on it so much but I have a lot of ideas and I have started to work on a home-made crawler that I will be more than happy to share with Perl programmers.

I will keep updating this post to write about obstacles I face and other things that might help programmers that are working on similar projects.


I suggest that a discussion of the problems in id-ing 'results that were neither a question or an answer.' would make a particularly interesting blog post in of itself.

so for obvious reasons I ended up using Perl [...]

What are your "obvious reasons". That is what I was expecting to read about.

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