How get guru status at youtube/google video?

Once there was a time where you could upload conference presentation videos to Google Video. No more. refers to My google video uploader does not work anymore.

Youtube tells me that I may upload videos not longer than 10min - my video is 55min - but I may try to convert it down to <100MB and then it will be accepted.

Ok, I converted from full screen resolution 1280x1024 (I made a screencast with live audio at YAPC::EU 2010 Pisa of my Perl Compiler talk) down to 512x384 and got from 346MB to 127MB, split into two parts of 54MB and 73MB.

youtube is telling me now: video too long, max 10min, but if I was allowed to upload longer videos before I still could. I know that I uploaded longer videos to Google video, because that's why I used that.
youtube also tells me that I may ask for guru status, and then I might get permission to upload my conference talk. So what is guru status?

I watched several similar compiler videos from the GoogleTechTalks channel, talking over one hour about python, PyPy, phc, hiphop, JavaScript and several other compilation techniques for scripting languages, just not perl. Surely not anything guru-like, really boring stuff mainly. So I naturally refuse to ask for guru status at google. But how did they managed to upload their stuff? Looks like Google sponsored the event. So please YAPC 2011 Riga, let Google sponsor our event so that we can upload our videos, so people can watch them with a decent download speed.

Dear Google,
Cannot we software developers just get permission to uploaded technical talks from technical conferences as were were able to do before without any stupid guru status?
You are sponsoring junior developers to help us. Great! $5000 USD.
But a zero-cost upload policy for developers, like registered gsoc mentors, conference speakers or such would not hurt you, but will help us.

Alternatives, like vimeo, do work, but seriously they are a joke.

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In the mean time, you might try vimeo; it's less restricted towards length/size maximums.