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The alioth shootout Computer Language Benchmarks Game

I'm tired hearing from people that perl is dead or slow.

But basically they are right. If you check out a popular language comparison,
perl is almost on the last ranks, if listed at all. Behind python, php and ruby. And we all
know that at least ruby is slower than perl.

Partially because those perl scripts are pretty lame, not optimized as the comparable scripts. And parti…

Good to have no boss

Guy Steele is interviewing John McCarthy:

Experimentation is good? Do you think there is anything peculiar or special about the design of Lisp that encouraged that experimentation or made it easier?

Sure, there was no boss. I never attempted to be the boss. If we take Fortran or IPL, each of them had a boss - APL had a boss.

Nowadays Python has a boss, Guido van Rossum, and C# has a boss - there is Heil…