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LLVM 3.1 with AddressSanitizer released

The good part:

LLVM 3.1 has been released, and AddressSanitizer is now officially a part of it.

The bad parts:

There are still several issues (= security bugs) with perl-5.16.0 and important modules.

  • heap-overflow threaded-only in swash_init - Carp - caller - gv_stashpvn call perl #113060 cx corruption
  • DBI use-after-free cpan #75614
  • List::Util 1.24 cpan #72700 (be sure to upgrade it from CPAN if you need to use 5.16.0 plain. Fixed in 1.25)
  • clone_with_stack heap-use-after-free on PL_curcop perl #111610

My asan talk at YAPC is on the waiting list. If someone is interested I'll do a hallway meeting. parrot is happy to use it.

asan unrelated:

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  2. address-sanitizer-round-2

Updated parrot and rakudo releases for cygwin

I've updated the cygwin packages for parrot, rakudo and rakudo-star for cygwin.

There were a couple of test failures and changes.

See the patches and build specs here:
and bugs here:

rakudo-star make test is broken. You'd need to install it first, and then you…