I had to remove perl from mosh

Today is a very sad day for perl: https://twitter.com/Reini_Urban/status/225999360058617856

I had to remove the perl frontend for mosh, being replaced by a C++ script. perl IO::Pty on cygwin and various platforms did not work good enough. mosh was one of the most prominent users of perl.

Accidently some tweet from today says: ": But for some things, ‪#Perl‬ just isn't the optimal choice. (yet) :-) -Larry Wall in 199702221943.LAA20388@wall.org ‪#iFollowBack‬"

A note to folks reading reddit:

This is not a fork, it's a sanctioned pre-release of 1.3 with a bad version number. It was decided for the next major mosh release 1.3 to use the C++ wrapper by Peter. The new c++ wrapper is also used in the android mosh opkg version. mosh is awsome, 1.3 will be even more awsome.

PS: If you don't know that: I am the cygwin maintainer of perl, and toddr the IO::Pty maintainer sits next to me. It's not my personal decision to remove perl, but I just had to do that also for my port.


That's sad.

Still, since you know the relevant details, could you send a bug report to IO::Pty with a link to the replacing software so its maintainer can fix it?

Yeah it is sad, but more like definition 3 with a bit of definition 2, not definition 1.

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