New coding style?

Some of my cPanel colleagues came up with a new coding style. They are standing.


First it was Phil King standing in his office, after first attempts with a big ball failed and his back still hurts sometimes. Now Nick Jackson (on the picture) joined him, and others announced to follow.

This desk is called geek desk and has a motor and remote control attached.


I do it at home. Beware, dude in the picture has no arm rests which is apparently bad for your arms.

Interested. Any other tips from those who have done it?

I have a standup desk at my work, been using it for about a year (and I used one at the job before that).

On any given day I'll spend some time sitting down and some time standing up, alternating how much time I spend on either one, some days I'm almost entirely sitting, and some days it's the opposite.

I'd really recommend it.