Compare projects p2, gperl, MoarVM

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Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't the p2 stats a little skewed by the fact you are including all the work done on potion before p2 was thought of?

I mean, you could argue that as work that p2 benefits from, but potion was a pretty dead project before you picked it up and breathed live back into it.

I sorta wish I knew what p2 and gperl are, and why is comparing those to moarvm meaningful...?

Is there some controversy I didn't hear about at YAPC :)


P2? A prolific ruby coder and net celebrity wrote a minimal language VM, then disappeared. It is now apparently being used to run something similar to a subset of Perl.

Gperl? No idea.

Just click on the "created by" link: you'll go to the comparison page on Ohloh instead of a screenshots, with links to each project.