cperl-5.22.1 released


The name cperl stands for a perl with classes, types, compiler support, or just a company-friendly perl, but currently it's only a better 5.22 based variant without classes.

Currently it is about 1.5x faster than perl5.22 overall, >2x faster then 5.14 and uses the least amount of memory measured since 5.6, i.e. less than 5.10 and 5.6.2, which were the previous leaders. While perl5.22 uses the most memory yet measured.

See http://perl11.org/cperl/STATUS.html and http://perl11.org/cperl/ for an
overview, changes and docs.
Detailed changes are at https://github.com/perl11/cperl/blob/master/Changes

./Configure -sder -Dusecperl && make -s -j4 test && sudo make install


Looks very interesting. how do you plan on versioning? e.g. if it's based on perl-5.22.1, and you release cperl-5.22.1, but then need to make fixes etc, would it be cperl- Also is it stable/production ready?

I've not had a chance to test it yet, but I've always liked the idea of optional types in perl, as I guess have a fair few people, otherwise they wouldn't be there in perl6.

There's a downside though, stuff written for cperl won't work the same in normal perl, but I guess that's just how it goes. Not sure how that would work with the cpan

Good stuff. What would be required to have cperl versions available via perlbrew?

perlbrew needs to remove some strings and regexes concerning the dist tarball name in order to support differently named Perl variants, as of now the string "perl" is hardcoded all over. Run perlbrew download https://github.com/perl11/cperl/archive/cperl-5.22.1.tar.gz and start debugging from there.

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