At the airport en route to YAPC::EU

After a while of loose planning, while working on 20 other things at the same time, we've finally left for the airport. We've taken 4 hours in advanced so we don't worry about delays.

We've reached the airport and got to the terminal so quickly that it left us quite a lot of time. One of the people at the border checkup asked me which metal festival am I going to. "A Perl conference" - "what?" - "computer stuff" - "oh..", "surprised?" - "hell yeah!" I suppose a lot of tattoos give that impression. :)

Unfortunately there isn't much to do here. There's internet connection so I was able to talk to $work and make sure everything is okay to find yet another Slowloris attack on a server. Perlbal to the rescue, Tlousky++!

We went to check out gadgets but there wasn't anything interesting or cheap. Thought about getting a 1TB USB disk (these aren't that common here) but it costs twice as much as a specially-ordered one.

Tried to get some food but the only vegan thing we found (that wasn't a snack) was a salad we couldn't eat even half of. Even the dressing was disgusting. Asking for a vegan sandwich met some ignorant responses ("No meat", "oh.. we have FISH!"). At least we got our granola health bars and ate before coming here. Oh, and there was fresh squeezed orange juice - so that's cool.

Took me about 30 minutes to buy some batteries and gum. The lines aren't long but it takes people apparently a very long time to make a damned purchase. Also, I saw teenagers that brought empty bags with them to store all the booze they bought here. Interesting.

Now we're off to go on the airplane to Rome and catch our connection flight. I hope that we won't have trouble getting to the hotel and find some people to talk to.

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