Dancer is attending GSoC (Google Summer of Code)

By popular demand and after careful considerations, Dancer has been accepted to GSoC. Two proposals were submitted and one was accepted, so we will be happily participating.

The accepted proposal is by Carlos Ivan Sosa (gnusosa), you can read his blog post right here on his blog, which is powered by Dancer itself. :)

Carlos will be focusing on factoring out the stand-alone script into a module in core, and then inserting there all the logic of the scaffolded maintenance scripts, so upgrading will be easy as pie (or something else which is really easy).

The major point of reference for this is Catalyst, and it is probably of no coincidence that Catalyst has done such a cleanup of their own in a previous GSoC, so this is quite the circle closure!

Congratulations to Carlos are in order, and keep your eyes on his blog since he intends to update the community on his progress.

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