I will (probably) be attending the French Perl Workshop!

At school we had the opportunity to decide on a third language to learn, either Arabic or French. I opted for French (though my mother speaks Arabic as a second language) because it seemed interesting. School, as usual, makes you hate learning. I was kicked out of the class more than I actually attended it.

A few years ago I decided to take another shot at it. This was after I had already started working on Dancer with Alexis Sukrieh (sukria), Franck Cuny, Damien Krotkine (dams) and Philippe Bruhat (BooK). I took French classes, and started reading, writing and speaking. Going to Belgium gave me an opportunity to immerse myself more in the language. I stayed with Franck, Dams and Sukria, and a bunch of fun people from Linkfluence! It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed it very much. It was then that I decided I'd love to attend the French Perl Workshop sometime.

A little while ago I had an unexpected expense (it has "Ninja" in the name) which made me unable to afford going to YAPC::NA, nor YAPC::EU, which sucks.

Last week I was courteously invited to FPW2011, and decided to try and get there! It will give me a chance to practice my French (and embarrass myself quite a bit), meet up with fellow Dancer developers (David, Alberto, don't think you're spared!) and hack a TON on Dancer.

I've submitted three talks (Dancer, Moose and a lightning talk) to FPW. I thought it would be nice to speak while I'm there. Hopefully I'll be amusing and interesting enough for the attendees. Hopefully I'll also find the way to cover costs to be able to attend. :)

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That's good news ! It'll be a lot of fun, especially if you can stay for the Dancer hackathon on sunday (I think).

If you need a place to crash, you're welcome to stay @ my home.

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