Dreams are never to be reached, but only chased

And as such, our mythical plate (from "a lot of stuff on my plate") is never to be completely cleaned, but only periodically.

So I've had a lot of stuff to deal with recently. This has created a lot of downtime for me. I've not written almost anything, and neither did I code much. I've maintained a half-present administrative role in Dancer, helping making some decisions. I'm fortunately blessed with a very positive community that really gives you strength, even (and especially) in down times and can take care of itself. I really want to thank the entire Dancer community for that.

Here's a short list of stuff I'm going to be working on soon, or at least wish to:

  • Dancer's path resolution methods: We've had an entire mess with paths, since we're trying to be compatible with GNU/Linux, BSD, Windows and even (for some unknown reason) Cygwin. The path verification code done in PathTools (Path::Class) isn't very compatible and creates havoc with Windows and Cygwin. I'm going to make all paths unverified by default (with cleanups) and adding verification where needed. Later I might support Cygwin path cleanups more.

  • MetaCPAN::API: I've started this module with the intention of providing myself and the community with a clean API to use with MetaCPAN. The MetaCPAN community is very friendly and helpful. They finalized, finished and released the beta API for a while now but I didn't get around to updating the module to use it. I won't use ElasticSearch though, but I'll explain that in a different post.

  • GSoC: I haven't written much about our GSoC student: Carlos Ivan Sosa, and about our SoC experience. I intend to rectify that.

  • Moose attributes exception trait: The Amazing Ovid (really, can't write it differently) has written about the problem with Moose doing the exception throwing for you in attribute validation. I think the solution is to let you control the exception (or no-exception) in your application. I want to write a trait for that. Not sure it's possible but I'll contact the Moose Cabal for that, which is yet another community I really like.

  • Perl French Workshop: The French Perl Mongers are sponsoring me for the Perl French Workshop. Those guys are really awesome. I already know a few and I'm really excited to meet more. I'll also give 3 talks at the workshop! Can't wait!

  • Getting back to writing: I used to write quite a bit, and noticed I've been too tired for that in the past few months (if not more) and I really do wish to get back to it. I wouldn't say I know much, but that I do have some experience to share. I made a lot of mistakes from which to learn, and mainly I have a lot of bitching to do. :)

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