AnyEvent timers shouldn't use type constraints

While I'm rambling about AnyEvent (which I'll probably do more often), here's a note I'd like to give myself.

I'm using AnyEvent in a big app with objects (objects are, generally, good!) and I have a lazy attribute (lazy attributes are good!) of an AnyEvent timer. This is so the timer doesn't lose scope and will be closed.

At first the constraint was a EV::Timer object. On one machine this failed the type constraint while on another it worked. Some of you already know why. Then I changed it to a generic Object. This failed one as well. Why?

Because AnyEvent is basically like a hub for many event loops (ANY event loop, get it?) and apparently on one machine it used EV (a high-performance kickass event loop written by Marc Lehmann) while on another it hadn't. This meant that one AnyEvent->timer() returned an EV::Timer object while another returned an Array Reference. I removed the type constraint complete. It's now good. :)

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