More changes to Sys::HostIP (there will be no API breakage)

A lovely comment was left on my blog by someone using the OpenID "targ": "Please don't break backwards compatibility. If you did a web search, you'd have found plenty of people using the existing functional interface."

You know why I love that comment? It's polite, kind and courteous. I made me actually go out, search, and find that some projects indeed use Sys::HostIP and in a way that I was going to break. I honestly didn't even know this module is widely (if at all) used. It made me decide not to break backwards compatiblity. I've decided to keep both object oriented and functional interfaces in place and remain fully backwards compatible.

If you're using Sys::HostIP and didn't want it to break, you need to thank this guy.

Another thanks should go to Mr. Muskrat for playing with Sys::HostIP and quickly finding I refactored off a bit too much and caused an issue. He also suggested a fix for it. Props!

Finally, another thanks should go to Alexandr Ciornii for raising a pull request with working code for supporting Russian language in the Windows version of it.

Expect a new version today.

Now these things really make my day, change the way I work and make the code I write that much better. :)


At the time, I meant that second sentence to be snarky, but I'm glad you didn't take it that way :-)

How to write the sentence in question in correct & friendly English?
"If you do a websearch.. you will find..?"

I just issued a pull request for the fix to the documentation bug I entered yesterday.

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