Want The Game Crafter to get sposoring? Use your Facebook to vote ASAP!

The Game Crafter is a Perl-shop that allows anyone to create their own board game or card game. The website and the backend code is in Perl. It's providing Perl jobs, and more important, Perl initiative. It shows not only that Perl is alive and well, but that it creates some of the more fun things that are going on.

They were at YAPC::NA 2012 and provided game night with lots of board decks (many of which were given away) and board games for all of us to play.

There is a competition to get $250,000 (!!) of sponsorship for startups. If you have Facebook, you can vote for The Game Crafter to get this money.

Here are the five step instructions.

They have only two more days of voting. Get to it!

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