YAPC::EU 2012 - here I come!

So after further deliberations (or basically me nagging), I’m allowed to go to YAPC::EU. The rules? I can’t have hobos, drunks, robbers or serial killers as roommates. I have to take a single flight (not 3!) to get to my destination. I can’t stay for more than a week. I can’t have my head cut open. And… I must bring a shirt back. I think I can do it!

So, now that I’m coming to YAPC::EU 2012, there are few things to settle, and I require your assistance.

  1. I’m gonna try and arrive on the 17th (Friday) and I’ll need something to do. Vegan (or vegan-friendly) restaurants are in. Protests are in. Squats, punk shows, all in. Hanging out with fellow Perl mongers is totally in. If you’re gonna be there, or if you live there, and you want to meet up, let me know!
  2. Still not sure where to stay. If you like to suggest a spot you’re staying at and think I would enjoy staying there too, I’m all ears, nose and other bodily accessories!
  3. Last two YAPCs I went to, I gave talks. I might just join @dams for his Dancer 2 talk (if the organizers will allow it) but I could also submit another talk (hopefully doing both). I can talk about MetaCPAN::API or Moose or asynchronous programming, or Git, or local::lib, or FatPacker, or whatever. My question is: on what topic would you suggest I submit a talk?
  4. Would you like to suggest a lightning talk for me to submit? At the Israeli Perl Workshop someone dared me to give a talk on writing readable Perl code while standing on one leg. It was pretty successful. I’m always up for nonsensical or even weird talk ideas. I’m contemplating reprising the “Doing Madison like a boss” talk and giving a “Doing Frankfurt like a boss” talk.
  5. Any other input? Something I’m missing? Something I ought to know?

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