Who's running @PerlUpdate account on Twitter?

Does anyone know the answer?

It's currently just publishing anything that has the word "Perl" in it. You'd be surprised how many people have "Perl" as their last name.

If you know who the person is behind the account, please contact me, or contact them telling them I would like to contact them about it.

It's getting ridiculous.


It's a spam account. All their links go to the same ess-en-ess analytics domain. They don't care about the content they publish, or what we think about it.

I'm frustrated that 3,230 people follow it and don't recognize that it's spam.

There is also @PythonUpdate Twitter account with the same kind of links and I see some of the followers of the @PerlUpdate are TWiki, metacpan and PerlDaily. That's strange

It's quite possible that the followers aren't legitmate users either, and all of this is to raise some legitimizing stats for spam campaigns elsewhere?

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