Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: March 1st-6th

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Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past week. Enjoy!

March 1st-6th

News and updates

Ricardo Signes updated the list about commits made to address and fix CVE-2016-2381, which includes the value perl returns for a repeated environment variable and the values subprocesses inherit as a result.

Dave Mitchell providing his grant reports.

Karl Williamson informs about a draft of Unicode changes to allow customizing Unicode emoji characters.

At the end of a long thread, Aristotle Pagaltzis provides a change to strict and warnings. The commit message explains the issue.

James Keenan researched the topic of Perl #127624, confirming the issue Lukas Mai raised and adds more historical information to it.

Dave Mitchell silenced some compiler warnings on HP/UX.

Tom Browder sent an email to several development groups (amongst them, p5p) mentioning a static code checker research.


New issues

David Farrell asks to resolve links that are not listed in JJ will work on this during the QA hackathon.

Resolved issues

Proposed patches

Tony Cook provides a new patch to fix tests in FreeBSD jail, Perl #127533.

Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker provided a patch which normalizes the types for lengths and sizes. It includes a good investigation and explanation of the situation. What Ilmari is asking is, should this be added while approaching the full code freeze?

Tony Cook provides another patch for Perl #122287 to handle undefined symbols on illumos.

Sullivan Beck provided a patch to update Locale::Codes from version 3.37 to 3.38.

Dave Mitchell provided a patch for Devel::NYTProf to handle issues relating to the new context stack system rewrite.


Dave Mitchell provided comments on Perl #127638, explaining the problem as a bug in XML::XPath::Node::Element and/or Net::Yadis. It is an interesting read.

Chad Granum bumped a thread on reviewing Test::Builder using Test2.

Maxwell Carey asks about how Perl decided the package name in a construct with indirect object syntax. Father Chrysostomos jumps to the rescue with an explanation.

David E. Wheeler raises a problem he encountered with the encoding IO layer. There are several explanations and additional information provided on the thread by Zefram, Aaron Crane, and Leon Timmermans.

Linda Walsh provided an idea for a feature, which turned into an interesting discussion about a qw-like keyword that could interpolate variables and maintain the spaces available in the original values. Lukas Mai recommended Quote::Code.

Håkon Hægland asks for an option in core to make __FILE__ use an absolute path. Zefram tries to find out what it is for and maintains there's a better way to achieve the desired result.

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