Using Dist::Zilla to extract parts of your distribution

Imagine you are working on a smallish Catalyst project with an DBIx::Class model. You have been a good citizen and adhered to the principal of separation of concerns. Now you would like to extract the schema to use it anywhere else (in my case a monitoring interface that is in place and allows simple plugins). Creating a whole distribution with the related infrastructure out of the schema classes is just to much work for this one-off task. Dist::Zilla to the rescue.

First steps with App::Mist

My last posting seems to have whet the appetite of a few people, or at least interested one or two enough to follow this project on GitHub. Today I'd like to delve deeper into how you can use App::Mist to deploy or distribute an application.

How I manage the distribution of Perl5 projects

If you are working like me (which is unlikely) distributing and deploying your Perl5 projects poses a significant challenge. Managing self-contained projects has become vastly easier since the advent of local::lib, Dist::Zilla and App::cpanminus but the ever changing (and sometimes incompatible) nature of CPAN has bitten me more than once in my life as a coder. Here is how I try to solve this, judge for yourself if this approach has any merit and encourage me to go further down this path if you think it does.

Converting Module::Install prereqs to Dist::Zilla with elisp

After half a day of yak-shaving that started with having to port yet another Makefile.PL to the dist.ini format, I am now finally able to post this small snippet of elisp code to from within emacs (more on that later):

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