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Send-A-Newbie 2013

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Theo J. van Hoesel and Mihai Pop have been awarded places on this year's Send-A-Newbie Initiative, from the Enlightened Perl Organisation, and will have fully sponsored attendance to the Yet Another Perl Conference, Europe in Kiev from the 12th to the 14th August 2013.

As with other years the selection process was relatively straightforward and this year we offerred places to four candidates, h…

Figures from Week One of London Perl Workshop

It has been a week since the announcement of the London Perl Workshop hit the inboxes of all those on the announce list and was first populated across the internets. In the first of a series of weekly reports we look at what has happened in the past seven days in our Facts and Figures news.

We have been happy to announce a new sponsor in the first week and the enticing news is that there should be a few more joining them in next weeks news (as evidenced by the news items today). We would like to firstly say a big hello to ="http://www.an…

Decadon: Registration

This year the London Perl Workshop has taken the bold step of having tickets for the event. They are priced in four stages and are entirely voluntary as to which stage you purchase:

Workshop Attendee (zero pounds)
The London Perl Workshop is a free to attend event which means we place no fiscal barrier to being there. All persons are eligible for a ticket.

Workshop Friend (twenty-five pounds)
A friend of the Workshop is helping to support the event they respect, and we admire your brio in doing so.

Workshop Lover …

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