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This year the London Perl Workshop has taken the bold step of having tickets for the event. They are priced in four stages and are entirely voluntary as to which stage you purchase:

Workshop Attendee (zero pounds)
The London Perl Workshop is a free to attend event which means we place no fiscal barrier to being there. All persons are eligible for a ticket.

Workshop Friend (twenty-five pounds)
A friend of the Workshop is helping to support the event they respect, and we admire your brio in doing so.

Workshop Lover (fifty pounds)
Wow, you really like us, and this stunning contribution will be used at this event and next year.

Workshop Sponsor (one hundred pounds)
You realise this makes you a SPONSOR! It also makes you a star, contributions at this level are making a great impact and we thank you for making that special choice.

All sponsorship is important. We have taken the move to having a voluntary attendance fee this year to help maintain this event and further our aims for the next ten years.

So please remember that when you register you must also purchase a ticket, even if it is for Workshop Attendance. This will also help us keep the data cogent (so the 2/3rds of you who have registered and not selected a ticket price, please log in and do so).


How does one buy a ticket? A quick link would probably be useful (if the ability to do so is already available, or a "coming soon" if not).

The "so the 2/3rds of you who have registered and not selected a ticket price, please log in and do so" suggests to me that it's possible to acquire a ticket already, but I see nothing on other than the same description above.

Am I missing something obvious?

Another thought - what happens to excess money above and beyond the costs of organising the conference if lots of people buy tickets?

Knowing if any excess profit goes to e.g. the Perl Foundation (I imagine it would) may encourage people to purchase a ticket too.

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