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PPI-Based Script to Convert Test.pm-based Test Programs to Test::More

Some CPAN modules I inherited used the old Test.pm for some of their t/*.t scripts instead of the more modern Test::More. This annoys me to no end because Test.pm is very limited. When I worked on Config-IniFiles, I did the conversion manually, which was a lot of work. More recently, I started working on XML-LibXML

Resuming Maintenance of XML-LibXML

For a long while, work on the XML-LibXML CPAN module halted as the existing maintainer was busy. After a discussion on the Perl-in-XML mailing list, some people and I were given co-maintainer status and we resumed its maintenance inside a Bitbucket.org Mercurial repository.

So far what I did, was fix some low-hanging fruit bugs, apply some patches, as well as start the long process of converting the…

Transferring a Ticket to YAPC::Europe::2011

I originally planned to attend YAPC::Europe::2011 in Riga, Latvia (on 15-17 August, 2011), and so bought an early bird ticket, but will no longer be able to attend due to personal reasons. As a result, I'm now seaking to transfer the ticket to someone else, for the right price (which will be cheaper than what I bought it.).

If you are interested, please contact me and we will negotiate a price. I hope everybody enjoys the YAPCs.

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