Resuming Maintenance of XML-LibXML

For a long while, work on the XML-LibXML CPAN module halted as the existing maintainer was busy. After a discussion on the Perl-in-XML mailing list, some people and I were given co-maintainer status and we resumed its maintenance inside a Mercurial repository.

So far what I did, was fix some low-hanging fruit bugs, apply some patches, as well as start the long process of converting the test suite, which still uses to Test::More . There are still many bugs lurking there, and some of them are XS bugs that are still beyond my reach, and I could use some assistance there. But it's a start.

If you're interested in helping, the clone the repository, write a patch and send me a pull request.

Text::Table Update: I've written about resuming the maintenance of Text::Table in April, and it progressed nicely: the tests were converted to Test::More, a lot of the code was cleaned up, the build system was converted to Module::Build, and keywords and resource URLs were defined, and some bugs were solved (along with tests). I'm still looking into ways to clean up the code, and if anyone has an idea for a cool feature, then they should drop me a line (or provide a patch).

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