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Breaking the Perl Debugger for Fun and Profit

Before I cover the main topic of this entry, here are some short news and action items:
  1. If you have not acted against SOPA - the proposed online blacklist/censorship bill, you should. Follow the link for information on how to act against it.

  2. I have announced the next Tel Aviv Perl Mongers meeting on my technical journal on It will take place this Wednesday, on 28 December, 2011. …

Report on the Latest Tel Aviv Perl Mongers Meeting

I attended the latest
Tel Aviv Perl Mongers (
meeting the other
day, and am writing this report in order to encourage more people
to come. We didn't have meetings in September or October due to the Jewish
holidays and some renovations on the site, so it was good to finally have
a meeting.

Before the meeting, I had helped publicise it on various online news channels, and thankfully quite a few people (about 20-30) came. I had a previous appointment that day at 12:00, and so…

exec's portability



use strict;
use warnings;

if (! @ARGV)
exec($^X, $0, "hello world");
my $arg = shift(@ARGV);
print "Got <$arg>\n";
if (@ARGV)
print "Other args are <@ARGV>\n";

The answer is "it depends.". On my Linux system it prints "Got <hello world>", while on Windows, using Strawberry Perl, it pr…

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