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Tech Tip: Overriding the C compiler with ExtUtils::MakeMaker

In order to override the C compiler with ExtUtils::MakeMaker, one can do something like:

perl Makefile.PL CC=/usr/bin/clang

Which will make the "CC" variable in the generated makefile be set to /usr/bin/clang instead of the default. Apparently, setting the CC environment variable does not work like it does with CMake.

Thanks to Sisyphus for the tip.

Grant for Improving the Perl Debugger + New CPAN Distributions

First of all, I am glad to announce that the Perl Foundation grant committee has accepted my grant proposal for adding tests and refactoring the built-in perl debugger. Here is the announcement for which grant proposals were accepted. My grant manager for this grant is Alan Haggai Alavi, whom I've been talking with online and have collaborated on a few projects, so I'm really hap…

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