Please Publish Perl Events on the Calendar

As I read last week's's Announcement Page ( is a news site for open-source-related news, formerly standing for "Linux Weekly News"), I noticed that there were few if any Perl events featured in its upcoming events calendar. However, these events appear in the Perl Weekly, and there are many upcoming Python events featured in

So, please, if you are organising a Perl-related event (or any other major open-source event), make sure you put it on the calendar.


We should have *one* main repository (Maybe if YEF agrees). From that point we may automate the submissions to the other sites (I volunteer to do that).

It's hard for organizers to remember all those sites where they should send the event details to.

I'm in the process of moving that conferences.yml file to github, and split it in several per-conference directories, to keep track of more data than just dates and URL. The .yml file itself should be generated at some point, instead of being manually updated as it is now.

It will end up on at some point. It'll be much easier for everyone to keep it up to date.

If these sites have API's, can 'act' be enhanced to push out the notices automatically?


'act' could also be set up to talk to twitter, and have a wide range of well known sites to tweet updates at.

djzort has opened a ticket on Act's repository on Git Hub (thanks)

I'd suggest to have a github repository (e.g. under TPF) with the data in some simple format (e.g. json) as the "source". That could include conferences, workshops and even the regular perl monger meetings. A few volunteers would have direct write access to that repository and most others could fork and send patches.

I'd volunteer to be one of the people to maintain this.

Renee, what do you say? Could we start that together?

Gabor, I would prefer to use existing ressources. BooK created a repository for the conferences/workshop/hackathon data:

Renee, actually that perl-events yaml file looks like what I wanted to have.

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