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so now i did it. I registered to write about Perl. But actually i wonder myself why i did it now, and not earlier. So i want to tell a little bit about myself.

I'm 31 years old. I come from germany so you probably notice that my english is not the best. I apologize and try to improve it. I started programming when i was 13-15 years old. I don't really knew anymore when i exactly began. My first programing language that i learned was C. And actually i somewhat hated that language. After that i also learned C++, did some programming in Visual C++, Visual Basic and probably some other languages that i already forgot about. My first contact with Perl was around 2003. I did a "Vocational education" in the IT filed. Primary as an system administrator. But i liked Perl so much that i spent a lot of my free time to learn Perl. I focused in writing Websites, well because that what system administrator typically likes. Some webgui where he control everythings instead of walking to the server.

I liked this so much that i later got a job as an Web-Developer. I used Perl and in my company we had a self-written CMS System that i managed. And because JavaScript got more and more popular i also spent a lot of time writing/programing with JavaScript.

But what you noticed, i write in the past. At the end of the last year i lost my job because we had a lot of financial trouble. At the moment i try to go an complete new way in my life. Because the reason why i learned programming when i was 15 or so was to program games. And that is what i do at the moment. Writing a video game and hoping that i can make a living out of it.

At the moment i use Unity to write my game, and sure i can't use Perl. I had the choice betwenn "JavaScript", C# or Boo. At first i picked "JavaScript". And i put it in quotation mark because what Unity implemented and called "JavaScript" has absolut nothing to do with it. It couldn't even farther away from it. And that's a shame because in the last years i really learned to like JavaScript a lot. The other choice was Boo a Python based language, but i never fell warm with Python so i justed picked C#.

And now here i am. I did programming in Perl for nearly 10 years. I really liked Perl, i learned so much with this language, the community is great, CPAN is awesome. And now i barely programming in C# for half a year. I still have to learn a lot of C#. And even in this short amount of time i just can say that i'm so impressed from C# that i now like it more than Perl that i used for nearly 10 years.

And now that is the reason why i'm at the beginning i wrote that i wonder why i now registered to write about Perl, and not did it a long time ago.

Well, the reason is probably that i still love Perl and hope the language evolves. For example Moose is still amazing and i think we need more thinks like Moose. And at the moment i still feel more like a Perl-guy that just learns another language that writes something what he think in another language is cool what Perl lacks.

But not as a critic to blame Perl. More from the intention to learn from other languages to make Perl better. So probably i will here and there write some C# code, but i hope nobody gets upset about it that i will mention C# in some of my future posts. But i think a lot of my Posts will be more "general" programming examples that are not really bound to any language at all.

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