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Another reason why I use Emacs as my primary editor

My editor of choice is Emacs. Like Perl, one of its strengths is its flexibility. (some would argue this a weakness. to each their own) Here's just one example I recently found... you can extend Emacs to change the cursor based on what mode you are in (normal, read-only, overwrite)

Thank You, Perl Advent Calendar Authors of 2009

I Love ALL the Perl Advent Calendars!! The Perl6 calendar has got me SO excited for Perl6, I can't wait to finish a couple of my projects so I can get a new version of pugs installed. The last time I installed pugs was 11 months ago and most/many of the examples don't complie on my buildout. :(

I have gradually been drifting towards Python in recent months due to my fright of what will happen to Perl5 when Perl6 comes along. …

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